Welcome to Casa Bava

Casa Bava, after a reflective pause of a few years, wanted to return to the web with a very simple site, to offer a small selection of exclusive wines that we hope will be to your liking. This site can never replace a visit to our cellar that I invite everyone to do.

Firma Francesco Bava - Casa Bava

The Terrace

The idea of ​​the Casa Bava Terrace was born several years ago, but only in 2021 did this project finally become a reality.
The real goal is to offer the opportunity to taste great wines on our magnificent lakefront …
The centennial tradition of our family continues with the fifth generation.


Piazza 27/28 Maggio, 8 Cannobio (VB) 28822 – Italy
Tel. +39 0323 71247
Email info@casabava.com